There are many artists in our communities ranging from musicians, digital artists, wood crafts, and much more. Many people with great talents reside here and outlying areas that would only amaze those who heard or saw their art. PMT Studio would like to extend a helping hand in sharing with others your talent. We, as a community, need to support those who bring excitement and life to this area. Located in beautiful Grand Forks, British Columbia we provide services to local clients as well as global clients.

With our sound engineer Michel Pétulli on hand your project will always sound great. Over 25 years of experience in the field and studio starting in Vancouver, BC. We believe in making your project shine and enjoy the process of creating music you'll be happy with.

At PMT Studio the attitude is 1% what happens before we get your project and 99% how we leave it when we are done! After many eclectic collaborations and world wide productions to our active lists on all continents; we hope to enable more artists to get the best chance they can by starting at the root of any worthwhile production. The artists vision…

"The Sound"

We start by getting separate mono tracks for optimum results and stereo mixes can also benefit extremely from our Mastering services. We than proceed to listen and envision the corrections to be made for the ultimate playback experience on any system of any quality. As any well engineered piece of work, it should be heard and enjoyed!

"The Process"

This might involve some coaching to the artists we are working with as to how to get the best takes for the project at hand and the rudimentary art of using some FTP servers and "Skype", who has been since 2006 our favorite tool for contacting clients and transferring folders, amongst other elements of our tool box . Our goal is simple…

"Making You Happy To Be Heard"


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